Qi is considered the vital force of any living being. It is always present in our bodies, but its delicate balance and fluidity are essential for growth, recovery, and general health.

Balancing qi means not only distributing energy evenly throughout the body but also achieving a balance of yin and yang energy. These two types of energy are opposite yet complementary and interdependent.

Each bodily function uses both energies simultaneously. In TCM, good health is built on the harmony of yin and yang.

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  • SBS Foot and Body Foot Detox
  • Vitamin and mineral testing
  • Blood type testing
  • Blood work/draws
  • pH level testing (base/alkaline)
  • Product knowledge
  • Cupping
  • Recovery session
  • Emotion Code session
  • Tapping meditation
  • Emotion Acupressure session
  • Sauna Blanket
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Mobile Phlebotomist
  • Hair Consultation

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