The energetic body and the meridian system is a key concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but ancient understandings of the energetic body are shared by many countries in Southeast Asia.

It is believed that energy- also called life force, prana, or qi (chi)- flows throughout the body in the same way that blood does. When energy becomes blocked or disproportionate, adverse symptoms and disease may occur.

The goal of Eastern medicine that we bring to Western medicine is to optimize the circulation and balance of qi through methods of energy healing such as qi gong. These practices are believed to prevent and core disease, regulate metabolism, and support cellular health.



My journey started at the age of 12 years old when I was braiding family and friend's hair. The love for hair and the health field has landed me the position I am in today. I learned that bridging the gap between science and hair would allow me to help my clients achieve good health and healthy hair.

In 2002 I became a Certified Medical Assistant where I worked in the clinic doing vitals, injections, and blood draws. I’ve always been a giver and one to help others internally. Down the line I decided to pursue my passion of becoming a Licensed Hair Stylist in 2007 where I built my business and product line in 2016 because I couldn’t be my authentic self in the medical field of helping others spiritually as well as internally. I wanted to help my clients with holistic hair care services to prevent the onset of hair loss and damage which I decided to bridge the gap between science and the art of hair. Progressing into my career I decided to go back to school in 2018 and study Naturopathy. I wanted to know more about alternative medicine and holistic health so I may better serve my clients

Today I am a Board-Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine where I am a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association and a Licensed Phlebotomist I Tech where I am apart of the National Health Association, and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

I'm very excited about what healing looks like in my clinic and for you personally!.

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